iPage was founded more than ten years ago and offers web hosting solutions since then. Now, iPage has a good sounding name among the biggest web hosting providers for both businesses and personal use. Separating itself from most of the web hosting companies, they offer four plans – Essential, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting.

iPage Review

As I write this review, I have tried only the Essential and WordPress plans. Both provides you with cheap shared hosting, offers unlimited space to store your files, transfer, and extra domains with one login and password.

Solid Service Compared to Competition

iPage’s hosting services are not perfect, but there is no perfect hosting company at all. At least that’s my humble opinion. Overall, I am convinced that iPage offers one of the best hosting services around. Just so you know, the simplicity of the structure at iPage is outstanding. This web host builds everything along the lines of user-friendlyness and clean organization. As I see it, this kind of mentality can be very pleasing for the not-so-techie webmasters and novices.

iPage Comparison

I will show you below the dos and donts of their hosting plans.

What Made me Choose iPage?

  • Dirt Cheap! The hosting plan is under $3 for a month ($2.25/mo precisely) if you use a coupon from any of the iPage review sites.
  • High-performance low-cost hosting service – among the top hosting providers that offer hosting for this kind of money.
  • Enterprise servers with high performance and reliability.
  • Unlimited hosting capability – you can host unlimited number of websites and all your blogs – all this in one account.
  • Superior 24/7 support – when the need arises, the support staff replies calls in 2 minutes or less and solve troubles in only one call.
  • Simplified and plain package – seamless purchasing process which ensures you get what you need.
  • Well defined test run and money-back rules, consumers may get at best 30 days of test drive.

Areas for Improvement?

I have noticed that with the essential plan, the server speeds are not the best. I guess that’s why they call it essential. You will have a web site up and running but you cannot expect shining speeds with it. On the other hand, the WordPress plan shows much better speeds and I would recommend to go witht hat one.

Does iPage Worth the Money?

Using iPage’s services is best suited for customers who need to find an affordable but none the less reliable hosting service. iPage has built its brand slowly but surely (longer than ten years!) , and based on that I am confident that they provide one of the top affordable web hosting service. Yet, because of the limits of its technical capacities (restricted MySQL and restricted level of hosting  – according to the fair use policy), in my opinion iPage might not be suited for big company sites.

High Uptimes Measured

I am hosting an ecommerce site using iPage and I analye my site”s uptime regularly. My conclusion is, using iPage’s services provides a nice server uptime. This low-price hosting service is providing an average of more than 99.8% website uptime over a period of a year. The bottom line is that this kind of high efficiency is quite worthy for this low price, so I suggest to use their services to everyone who is looking for a hosting company on a budget.

You should always look at iPage’s website, because some of the details may change, like price.